Rhino CrossFit Championships

SEPTEMBER 16-17, 2017
2017 Olympia Expo, Las Vegas, NV

$4,000 in Prize Money


For the sixth straight year, Rhino CrossFit is bringing the ‘Sport of Fitness’ to the Olympia Expo!

This year, competitors will be testing their ability to jump over walls, carry the Strongman Frame, and fight their way through functional training circuits.

You’re invited to compete for your share of $4,000 in prize money, and the title of Rhino CrossFit Champion!

The competition will feature 6 events that competitors may complete at any time during the Olympia Expo Friday AND Saturday up until 3:45 on Saturday. You may compete in as many of the events as you would like.




Friday, September 15th, 2017 10am-5pm

Saturday, September 16th, 2017 10am-3:45pm


4:30pm Saturday, September 16th, 2016 (Winners must be present at awards ceremony)



2017 Olympia Expo in Las Vegas


Entry Fee: $50

We are also hosting the Ninja Warrior Gauntlet, which will have $1,000 in prize money. If you wish to do both events, you may sign up day-of for the second event for just $25. Click here for information.

Register online to reserve your spot, t-shirt and entry into the Olympia Expo for both Friday and Saturday.

Scroll down for more detailed information on how to access the event. You CANNOT just go to the convention center and get into the expo by saying you are competing. We have a special entrance that you must go to.

Waivers, wristbands and packets may be picked up at the Rhino CrossFit Championships Kiosk at the Las Vegas Convention Center any time Friday or Saturday.

The kiosk should be on the East side of the South Hall. Here is a map of where you should go: https://www.google.com/maps/d/edit?mid=zhFrrvXIyH1w.k0xNFDbIHiaI&usp=sharing

Bring a valid Drivers License or Passport.

Must be at least 18 years old on the day of the event.

Limited spots available!

Possible Events (may include, but not limited to):

  1. DB ground to OH, weight for men 50-100#, women 35-85#
  2. Strongman progressively heavier frame carry, up to 700#/500, straps allowed
  3. Gymnastics AMRAP of HSPU and Pistol squats or TTB
  4. A monostructural burner (like rowing, Assault bike, or Ski erg for calories in 2-10 min)
  5. Lung killing AMRAP of Wall Balls/C2B pull-ups
  6. A 5RFT butcher push/burpee over 8′ wall/double unders

ATHLETE INFORMATION (Directly from the Olympia Expo Management):

IMPORTANT: You can’t just go to the front of the Convention center and tell them you’re competing in our event. You have to go to the event registration booth to get your wristband! Here’s how to get in:

Go to the S2 Lobby to access your athlete wristband that will allow you into the expo!

Convention Center Map-Click here

S2 Lobby OverviewRegistration Location

There are a few ways to get to the S2 Lobby:

1)      Drop Off

a.       Have the cab or friend drop them off at the S2 Lobby

b.      If someone does get dropped off at the front (S1) then they would have 2 alternatives to get to the S2 lobby:

                                                               i.      Walk –

1.       They would walk around the convention center to get to the back (see attached – yellow line).

                                                             ii.      They could board a bus to go back to the Orleans & return being dropped off at the S2 lobby (approx. 30 minutes). The buses are air conditioned. (Friday & Saturday Only).

2)      Board a Bus (Friday & Saturday Only)

a.       They can take a bus from the Orleans Hotel to be dropped off at the S2 Lobby.

3)      If they are driving there are a few lots by the S2 Lobby which costs $10 – $15 per day (same price as the parking lots in the front of the convention center) –  (see attached).

Athlete Wristbands are for athletes only as those wristbands allows the athlete to be on the expo floor starting at 9am (Friday & Saturday) to compete. Each event promoter will be responsible for handing out the exhibitor badges & athlete wristbands to the appropriate persons.

Also, if an athlete / staff member wishes to bring in a friend, spouse, coach etc to watch them compete or if they just wish to attend the expo will need to purchase a wristband which will be located in the South Hall 1 Lobby but since the lines can be very long in the mornings we would encourage them to purchase their wristband online at:


This will allow them to go to the Will Call line located in the South Hall 1 (front of the convention center) area and once allowed to go into the lobby to have them show their barcode (proof of purchase) at the Will Call counter to receive their wristband.

Expo Hall Hours During Show Days:

Exhibitor – 7:30am

Athletes – 9am

VIP’s – 9am

General Public – 10am

The Expo closes each day at 5pm

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